All residents in Waste Pro’s current service area will be converting to the new automated waste collection and single-stream recycling system in the Fall of 2013.

UPDATE (10/14/2013): Request for replacement of larger trash and recycle bins.

Please be aware that you can request smaller bins however, you must call the city  at 904-630-CITY and put in your request.  You will then be issued a confirmation number.  You will be notified when they will be coming to our neighborhood to make the exchange.  If you do not call the city, yours Will NOT be exchanged.

What does this mean for you?
  • New Bins:

Each home will receive two wheeled carts – one for household trash, and one for recycling

  • New Recycling:

Combine and place all your recyclable materials into one car, wheel to the collection spot and Waste Pro will take care of the rest.

  • New Trucks:

Collection will be done with automated trucks, with a mechanical arm that picks up the carts and returns them to the same collection spot.

  • New Collections:
  • Household trash will be picked up weekly
  • Recycling will be collected every other week.
  • Yard waste will be picked up weekly using the current collection method
  • Your collection day may change.

Look for cart delivery any time after July 2013.  New collection method starts October 2013.

Download this information in PDF format.