Security and Safety

Patrol Hours:

  • The weekday patrols are rotating and vary from week to week. Two (2) weekdays are covered each week. The total coverage per week is twenty (20) hours.
  • Patrol hours change seasonally and at the direction of the board.
  • ALL emergencies or active vandalism incidents SHOULD BE REPORTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO THE JSO 911 DISPATCHER.
  • All other incidents should be reported to the non-emergency number: 630-0500.
  • If an emergency incident happens in our neighborhoods at an hour when the patrols are on duty, a homeowner should call 911 and notify the dispatcher of the incident. The dispatcher knows when our PAID patrol is on duty in the area and contacts him/her directly. If no officer is on duty in our neighborhood, the call is treated as any other emergency incident call.

City Ordinances:

  • Fireworks:

The City of Jacksonville has taken the position that legal use of fireworks is limited to SPARKLERS and/or POPPER SNAPS ( things that you throw to the ground that snap when they hit ).  It is not illegal to purchase or have fireworks in a person’s possession, but it is illegal to ignite them, according to research done.

If someone is igniting fireworks, contact JSO at 630-0500.  Please provide the dispatcher with an  accurate address/residence for the location in order to allow direct contact by JSO with the parties involved.

Our neighborhood has many conservation areas, and dry areas that could catch fire, if fireworks are ignited.  It is in our neighborhood’s safety interests to adhere to the safe and legal use of fireworks.

  • Solicitors:

Click here for information on what to say or hand to a solicitor at your door.

  • Stormwater Fee Assessment:

Since you are part of an HOA with retention ponds for storm water run-off, all homeowners are entitled to a 30% discount for the stormwater fee. However, the solid waste fee must be paid in full.

To receive the credit, an application must be sent in to the city by July 1. There can be only one application sent in for the whole association. Windsor Parke Property Owners Association, acting on your behalf, will be preparing the application for the association all residential owners, with the exception of Grand Reserve and Bishops Court Condominium Associations. After the application has been reviewed, the city will re-issue invoices at the discounted rate, or refund those who paid the full amount.

If you have any questions, please go to

Grounds and Wildlife:

During our drought, you will notice the level of the ponds decreasing and due to the lower levels you may see an occasional dead fish. Please call the Property Manager using the information in the footer of this page to report any dead fish or wildlife.

Additionally, fishing in the ponds is not authorized. If you do see anybody fishing you can call the JSO non-emergency line at 630-5500.

Alligators have been seen around the community. Our Covenants address wildlife issues on page 18, Article VII, Section 9. The Covenants can be viewed on this website under Governing Documents of Association.

More about alligators can be found here.

Hurricane Preparedness:

For tips on how to prepare for a hurricane, visit our Hurricane Preparedness section.

Pedestrians and Bicyclists:

Please remember to use the sidewalks for running/walking and leave the streets for vehicles and bicycles. If you must run/walk in the street, please do so AGAINST traffic and wear bright clothing so you can easily be seen. Thank you for keeping Windsor Parke safe!